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I'm a fairly serious collector of coin-operated arcade equipment.  There's probably a better word than "serious" for a person who owns ten pinball machines, but we'll leave that to your imagination ...

My primary interest is mid- to late-nineties pinball machines, but my collection also includes several juke boxes, a few rifle games (shooting galleries), and a HUGE ball bowler machine.  If you're a fellow collector or enthusiast in the area of Nashua NH, I'd love to hear from you.  I've been working on coin-op games for several decades and can assist you with repairs to your games.

Here are some pictures of my basement arcade.  Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger picture.

gameroom1.jpg (213144 bytes)

Coke machine,
Indiana Jones,
Cirqus Voltaire

gameroom2.jpg (205438 bytes)

Scared Stiff,
Creature from the
Black Lagoon

gameroom10.jpg (202852 bytes)

Seeburg HF100R
Juke Box

gameroom4.jpg (643912 bytes)

Bally ABC Bowling
Lanes Ball Bowler

gameroom5.jpg (639144 bytes)

Chicago Coin's "Rodeo"
Shooting Gallery

gameroom7.jpg (213100 bytes)

Fish Tales,
White Water

gameroom8.jpg (208326 bytes)

Haunted House


Currently in
the workshop


Some notes about these games:

bulletScared Stiff is an early production model (or sample game); it has many features such as glow-in-the-dark bones that were dropped in a cost-savings measure.  You can see the color-wash applied to the bones at the factory; this step was omitted from the majority of the production games.
bulletHaunted House belongs to my oldest daughter.  This is about the fourth one of these games that I've owned.  I spent some serious time touching up a number of worn areas on the wooden playfields; this surely is a labor of love.
bulletThe ABC Bowling Lanes is over fourteen feet long!  I snagged a NOS backglass off eBay for this game.

As I restore these games I'm having the playfields sprayed with automotive clearcoat (a highly durable plastic finish).  This is similar to the finish that was applied to late-model games at the factory; it serves to preserve the artwork on the wooden playfield from wear.  I send my playfields to Bill Davis for clearcoating; Bill's an absolute wizard at making old playfields look new again!