Finishing Up
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Finishing Up

Final Check

Take a few minutes to be sure all connectors you removed have been replaced. Double-check the wiring at each new connector to be sure you haven't made any mistakes. Check to see if you've accidentally dislodged any connectors in the back box when you removed the original speaker wiring harness.

Initial Tests

Set the back box speaker level control to the middle position. Reconnect power to the game and turn the game on. If you notice anything unusual immediately turn the game off and troubleshoot the issue.

Use the diagnostic buttons on the coin door to enter the sound test diagnostic mode (T.7). Assuming the test is in RUN or REPEAT mode you should hear the game begin to play sounds through all the speakers. If you don't hear sounds from the back box speakers check to be sure the test is not in the STOPPED mode, then double-check the wiring to the speakers, the level control, and the sound board. You'll only hear low-frequency sounds from the cabinet speaker, so you may have to put your ear close to the speaker to verify that it is working.

Once you're satisfied that both sets of speakers are working you can button the game back up and move on to the real test - playing a game!

Adjusting the Back Box Speaker Level

The back box speaker level should be adjusted while a game is in progress; you'll have a better feel for the balance of volume between the woofer and back box speakers with a game in progress than the diagnostic self-tests. Simply adjust the level control until you're pleased with the balance of high-frequency and low-frequency sound.

Quieting the Inevitable Rattles and Buzzing

You can expect to hear some buzz, rattle, or other annoying noises when you crank up the volume on your game. A large amount of this is introduced by the playfield glass acting as a resonant surface, aggravated by the new woofer in the cabinet. The folks at Pinball Pro sell an anti-rattle tape (part number AR-1) that should help a great deal. Noise can also be caused by the translite panel, or display or speaker panel, rattling in the back box; some judicious use of foam weather-stripping tape can help here.

Enjoy Your Game!

You're done! Enjoy your game! But before you leave ...

I hope you found this information useful. I would appreciate hearing about your experiences, and any suggestions for improvement. If you had particular brands and models of speakers that worked well (or didn't work well), please let me know so I can incorporate that info in a future update to this guide. Please send your comments to

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