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Links and Resources

Parts Suppliers

United States / Canada

Bay Area Amusements - a great source for pinball parts: fast shipping and excellent service.

Digi-Key - a large mail-order electronic component supplier: $25 minimum order and fast shipping.

Great Plains Electronics - a great place to buy electronic components for pinball machines: fast shipping and excellent service; Ed is knowledgeable and friendly.

HSC Electronic Supply - "Silicon Valley's Electronic Marketplace"; Bob E. from Halted is a great guy and very helpful.

Jasper Audio - sells several very useful circle cutout jigs for use with a router.

Mouser Electronics - a huge mail-order electronic component supplier: no minimum order and fast shipping.

Parts Express - a mail-order source for electronic components, speakers, and related components: fast shipping and excellent service. - a mail-order source for various pinball restoration supplies. You can buy the 3M 467MP tape cut to length (to avoid buying an entire roll).

Pinball Pro - if you decide that do-it-yourself is not your cup of tea, check out their speaker upgrade kits. Their anti-rattle tape may come in handy to silence buzzes and rattles caused by louder bass response with an upgraded cabinet speaker.

Australia / New Zealand

Jaycar Electronics - a source for inductors, speakers, and other audio supplies.

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