Preparing for Installation
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Preparing for Installation

To help you prepare for your installation here's a quick outline of what we'll be doing in the sections that follow:

bulletReplacing the back box speakers is the first order of business.

bulletNext we'll tackle replacement of the cabinet speaker.

bulletThe final step in the process is building a new wiring harness for the sound system and connecting the various components.

Before starting you should check the game-specific information section for any "gotchas" or unusual requirements that may apply to your game. You may want to check the abbreviated shopping list that is derived from the tools and supplies section to be sure you have everything on hand before you begin.

If you're curious as to how the various components are connected, check the WPC sound system information section for details, including a schematic wiring diagram of the new installation.

Planning to replace only the cabinet speaker or only the back box speakers? You'll want to check the section on single speaker set replacement considerations first.

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